People and things I have a special affection for

Pam Cresswell - Moutoussi  is my other half, a lovely person and a gifted musician. We were married at a young age at the beginning of August 1988.  Here she is playing the Viol (the what ?  music is something I love but I find unfathomable - a little like the complementary sex ! ) - and here is more about her as a musician.

Ann Moutoussi is my dear sister. She's a Physicist (spending most of her life in sunny CERN !) and someone I'm proud of.  Here she is (looking very mean) at the wedding of our very good mutual friend Aris (the one looking not-so-mean in this picture !)

Alexandra Moutoussi is my mother. She has inspired Pam, my wife, to say that 'The Englishman's home is his castle, but the Greek's home is his/er taverna'.

Eireni is my daughter and Peter my son - both are lovely kids. Peter is very keen on Dragons, which he draws in many varieties. About Eireni (named after peace) I have the following story. When she was about 7 or 8 the teacher told each kid in the class to write a wish on a decorative ball to hang on their Cristmas tree.  Eireni wrote "Ψωμί, Παιδεία, Ελευθερία" (Bread, Education, Freedom) - the banner of the Polythecheio student rising of 1973, which we were not aware she knew of.

Konstantinos Moutoussis is a dear cousin I'd like to see more of. Here is his page at the Max Plank institute .

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